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#HangerTime in VA

hanger 300x300 #HangerTime in VA

Virginia White Sock Buck

If you’re like me, trail camera photos never get old. Since the introduction of game cameras the quality and technology has increased greatly over the years. Hunters now possess the capability to capture high-definition photographs, video and some trail cameras can send the photos directly to our smart phones within minutes of taking pictures. It’s become a must have tool for hunters. The camera allows us to better manage the herd, strategize our season and gives us a candid insight on the wildlife that occupies the land.

Every time I check my trail camera I find myself anxiously rushing back to the house to see what’s been roaming around my hunting spots. As soon as I insert the memory card in my computer my heart begins beating a little bit faster. I eagerly scroll through the thumbnails looking for a set of horns. Even if I just see one doe it’s enough to keep my hopes up for the upcoming season. I’ve seen raccoons, fox, and squirrels but nothing compares to seeing that big buck walking through my shooting lane. Fortunately for me, in one my prime hunting spots I’ve been seeing consistent deer movement throughout all seasons. Over the weekend I checked my cameras and saw a 9-pointer that’s been hanging around pretty regularly this summer. I think it’s safe to say that it’s the same buck that I posted about last month. This time the photos were taken during the morning and I was able to notice something very unique about this buck, he was wearing white socks. I’ve seen deer with piebald qualities but never quite like this……
SUNP0004 Virginia White Sock Buck
SUNP0015 Virginia White Sock Buck
SUNP0009 Virginia White Sock Buck
SUNP0018 Virginia White Sock Buck

This shaggy 4-pointer was accompanying the bigger buck and should make for a nice shooter next season…

SUNP0055 Virginia White Sock Buck

There was even a little fawn passing through…

SUNP0057 Virginia White Sock Buck

If you’d like to to see more of my trail camera pictures from the deer in my area here in southwest Virginia be sure to check out my online album here.

Introducing Virginia Field Editor Chris Mann

Chris Mann 300x214 Introducing Virginia Field Editor Chris MannI’m excited to finally announce our third Virginia Field Editor, Chris Mann. Chris was born in Meadowview, Virginia and is a self proclaimed ‘Good Ole Boy from Southwest VA’. Growing up he was taught to appreciate nature and all things in it. Hunting and fishing have always been a part of his life and they have always brought him a sense of enlightenment that he enjoys sharing with others. The Appalachian Mountains have always been his home but he finds that he is continually learning new things about them and the people who live there. Chris currently works as a machinist but holds an associates degree in wildlife management and enforcement and hopes to one day work with the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries.

I’m very excited to have Chris on board and can’t wait to read more of his contributions to the site and look forward to keep up with his and Zac’s hunting season in the western part of the state.