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Elk Are Officially Back in Virginia

sd elk 01 Elk Are Officially Back in Virginia

Photo by Sam Dean, The Roanoke Times

I posted a little while back about RMEF and VDGIF teaming up to return elk to Virginia. I’m pretty excited about it even though they won’t produce a huntable population for probably at least a decade. Just the thought of being able to drive just a few hours to the mountains  and possibly encounter a mature bull elk in the next few years is pretty awesome.  It’s always been a dream of mine to go elk hunting and to potentially do that in my home state even if it is a long ways off is literally like a dream come true!

There are currently 11 elk in a 5 acre enclosure in Buchanan County. They were trapped this winter in Kentucky with the intent of bringing them to Virginia. They have been thoroughly tested for various diseases such as Chronic Wasting Disease and Blue Tongue. There are 5 Bulls, 5 Cows and a week old calf. They will be released into the wild shortly. The plan is to bring 75 elk form the Kentucky herd into Buchanan over the next 3 years.

For the full story check out this article by Mark Taylor in The Roanoke Times. What do you think of bringing elk to Virginia?