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Downtime in SWVA, Now What?

Here in southwest Virginia I am blessed by having access to the beautiful Appalachian Mountains all year round and all within a twenty-minute drive of my home. Virginia is lucky enough to have hunting seasons nearly all year and only a few months of downtime.  I use this time period to relax, gather my thoughts, fish a little bit and get ready for a fresh start to the next season. The country and mountain roads can almost guarantee a vast part of the SWVA population doing the same thing, it’s part of the culture and the heritage that drives us.

Spring is nearing which means spring turkey and squirrel seasons are upon us. During these seasons I like to hunt my regular whitetail spots just to check deer patterns and clean up any debris that may have fallen during the storms. Anybody that lives here could vouch for this past year’s tornado-fueled spring and winter. Maybe this is my alternative to being an average turkey hunter, but I do enjoy being out there. Squirrel season usually consist of wandering through the woods with a buddy, telling tall tales, planning the next hunt and occasionally picking off a squirrel with the ole’ .22 plinker.

The summer downtime is on it’s way too, not to worry though because one can hit the fields for some long range  groundhog action or fish a little in our mountain streams.  Summer is prime time to work on your food plots and trail cameras, get out there and spend some good quality time in the woods to ensure you can add another monster on your wall this year.

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