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Sunday hunting, wonder what that feels like?

This past weekend spring turkey opened up in Tennessee while my weekend resulted in wasted gas and a spider bite. These events together got my wheels turning and got me ranting on another subject: Blue laws. Our neighbors across the border in TN get to enjoy the privilege of hunting on Sunday, sunrise to sunset.

I work all week while daydreaming about the woods and the beginning of another hunt just to come to the realization that I can only squeeze one day of hunting in. I make the best of my time off but the fees that Virginia has for all of us hunters are getting greater and close places to hunt are becoming few and far between.

Virginia lawmakers have been addressing this issue slowly but surely. On the weekends people want to relax and do what makes them happy, being outdoors is my vice and hunting falls right in. Until this is fixed, I guess groundhogs or the occasional coyote on the farm is the only Sunday hunting one can justify.

Here’s a nice graphic to show Sunday hunting regulations in the United States that was posted by PAFOA¬† (Pennsylvania Firearms Owners Association).

sundayhunting Sunday hunting, wonder what that feels like?