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My Opening Day

20121010 162237 My Opening Day
Well I missed the real opening day so today is my first day hunting in Virginia. Scrapes are popping up everywhere and being checked and freshened every night.

I came iin planning to hunt a trail leading to a line of scrapes but the wind was all wrong so I switched to plan B. I’m hunting an old home site that is a common travel route for deer between a bedding area and acorns. I don’t usually but I’m hunting from the ground hoping for a close encounter. If I don’t see a thing it’s still a beautiful afternoon in the woods.

Good luck to all the Virginia bow hunters out there!

Ashland,VA Gander Mountain Closes Local Store Moves In

MAp 179x300 Ashland,VA Gander Mountain Closes Local Store Moves In

I just saw this announcement over on the Richmond Times Dispatch about the Gander Mountain in Ashland, Virginia closing. They have struggled since Bass Pro opened just up the road. The interesting twist is that a local shop Green Top Sporting Goods will be moving in as Gander Mountain Closes in July. Green Top has been around for as long as I can remember and is definitely the quint essential local sporting goods store. While I’m not necessarily excited to see Gander Mountain close it’s pretty cool to see a local store rather than a chain growing. As mentioned Green Top has been at that this location for decades and was less than  a mile from Gander Mountain that opened more recently. Even more recently than that the  Bass Pro Shops opened up only a few miles away as well. I guess it was only a matter of time before one of them had to close down. Literally they are so close together you can start at Green Top, drive to Gander Mountain then drive to Bass Pro and it’s a 3 mil trip! On the map here Green Top is the Blue Pin, Gander Mountain is the Red Pin and Bass Pro is the Green Pin. For more details check out this LINK. If you stop by at the right time you might be able to get some good close out deals!

Elk Are Officially Back in Virginia

sd elk 01 Elk Are Officially Back in Virginia

Photo by Sam Dean, The Roanoke Times

I posted a little while back about RMEF and VDGIF teaming up to return elk to Virginia. I’m pretty excited about it even though they won’t produce a huntable population for probably at least a decade. Just the thought of being able to drive just a few hours to the mountains  and possibly encounter a mature bull elk in the next few years is pretty awesome.  It’s always been a dream of mine to go elk hunting and to potentially do that in my home state even if it is a long ways off is literally like a dream come true!

There are currently 11 elk in a 5 acre enclosure in Buchanan County. They were trapped this winter in Kentucky with the intent of bringing them to Virginia. They have been thoroughly tested for various diseases such as Chronic Wasting Disease and Blue Tongue. There are 5 Bulls, 5 Cows and a week old calf. They will be released into the wild shortly. The plan is to bring 75 elk form the Kentucky herd into Buchanan over the next 3 years.

For the full story check out this article by Mark Taylor in The Roanoke Times. What do you think of bringing elk to Virginia?


Virginia Hunter Skills Weekend May 18-20

VHEA Weekend 300x225 Virginia Hunter Skills Weekend May 18 20The Virginia Hunter Education Association and the Virginia Department of Game and Inland fisheries will be hosting the Virginia Hunter Skills Weekeknd May 18th – 20th at the Holiday Lake 4-H Educational Center near Appomattox, Virginia. I attended a program similar to this as a kid and it was great. This isn’t just for kids its for adults too We can always use a reminder on safety and spending time with other hunters is always a great way to learn even if you are the most seasoned hunter. If I was free that weekend I would probably go. At $105 which includes meals and lodging it’s a heck of a deal! Here is a list of the classes:

  • Bow Hunting Basic
  • Muzzleloading, Basic
  • Recovery of Wounded Game
  • Rifle, Basic & Advanced
  • Shotgun, Basic
  • Skeet
  • Trap
  • Survival
  • Wild Game Cooking
  • Map & Compass Basics
  • Small Game Hunting Skills
  • Bow Tuning
  • Turkey Hunting Skills
  • Waterfowl Hunting Skills
  • Internet-based Hunter Ed Course
  • Pistol, Basic
  • Trapping

For Detailed Descriptions of each Class Click HERE

For More information on the registration please visit the WEBSITE or you can view a flyer HERE.

Huntography Season 2 Trailer is Up!

Pretty Excited to say the least to finally have the Huntogaphy Season 2 trailer up! It was a lot of fun to be a part of and can’t wait to see the full length version! To read a little more about my experience with Rudy this year check out these posts over at The Will to Hunt.

Introducing Virginia Field Editor Chris Mann

Chris Mann 300x214 Introducing Virginia Field Editor Chris MannI’m excited to finally announce our third Virginia Field Editor, Chris Mann. Chris was born in Meadowview, Virginia and is a self proclaimed ‘Good Ole Boy from Southwest VA’. Growing up he was taught to appreciate nature and all things in it. Hunting and fishing have always been a part of his life and they have always brought him a sense of enlightenment that he enjoys sharing with others. The Appalachian Mountains have always been his home but he finds that he is continually learning new things about them and the people who live there. Chris currently works as a machinist but holds an associates degree in wildlife management and enforcement and hopes to one day work with the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries.

I’m very excited to have Chris on board and can’t wait to read more of his contributions to the site and look forward to keep up with his and Zac’s hunting season in the western part of the state.

Introducing Virginia Field Editor Tim Davenport

Tims big Six1 huntography VA1 300x259 Introducing Virginia Field Editor Tim DavenportI’ve know Tim for probably about 12 or so years now. We grew up going to school and church together often trading hunting stories but never really hunted together much until this past season.  So as soon as we started Virginia Huntography Tim was the first person I called to get on board as a field editor.

Tim went to Christopher Newport University for his undergraduate and Virginia Commonwealth University for his graduate degree and works as an accountant. With it being tax season he’s a swamped now but will be making more of an appearance here once things slow down. When he’s not pushing paper he’s doing stuff outdoors. Tim has hunted since the age of nine and while he hunts just about anything chasing whitetails is his favorite! He hunts predominantly in central Virginia in Hanover, King William and Caroline Counties.

I’m very excited to have Tim on board and am excited to see what he brings to Virginia Huntography!

Introducing Virginia Field Editor Zac Stovall

ZacStovall 300x225 Introducing Virginia Field Editor Zac StovallOne thing I’m trying to do with Virginia Huntography is really represent this diverse state and all the hunting it allows. To do that it’s going to take a lot more contributions than just my own.  I’ve added Zac Stovall to the staff here as a Field Editor for the western portion of the state. I met Zac as he donated a Harness to the Harness for Hunters program and we struck up a conversation and found that he is a perfect fit for what we are doing here with Huntography!

Zac was born and raised in Glade Spring, Virginia  a small town in south west Virginia. He started hunting around his home town among the Appalachian Mountains at the age of six. After high school Zac Joined the Air Force and spent 6 years traveling the world before he ended up back in the western portion of Virginia where he is currently a senior at Virginia Tech studying communication and multimedia journalism. Altough Zac has a passion for hunting he also enjoys fishing, hiking and photography/videography.

Zac will be a great resource and I’m excited to have him on board here at Virginia Huntography!

VDGIF Add Hunt Fish VA Android App

HuntFishVA App 180x300 VDGIF Add Hunt Fish VA Android AppIt was probably close to a year ago that the VDGIF released the Hunt Fish VA iPhone app but they have recently brought basically the same app to the Android platform! Which is awesome because that is what I use.

Here is what they have said about the app:

The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries’ new app for iPhone, iPod touch, and Android is perfect for:

  • getting the latest news from VDGIF;
  • looking up hunting regulations, seasons, and bag limits while in the field;
  • viewing freshwater fishing regulations and state record fish;
  • identifying the fish you just caught;
  • getting the sunrise and sunset times for your location;
  • recording your trophy harvests;
  • finding nearby boat ramps, Wildlife Management Areas, and lakes;
  • and more!

Best of all, it’s absolutely FREE!

HuntFishVA App 2 180x300 VDGIF Add Hunt Fish VA Android App


I’ve used it a little and really like it.  It always seems to work smoothly with no ‘force close’ or freezing.

You can check it out Here:

or Search ‘HuntFishVA’ in the Android Market.

Virginia Officials Confirm Elk Restoration to Begin Soon!

Virginia red big Virginia Officials Confirm Elk Restoration to Begin Soon!

A long time dream of mine has been to chase elk and it looks like in a few years we might be able to do that here in our home state of Virignia! A few days ago the RMEF posted this announcment on their website;

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation has been officially notified that elk restoration efforts in Virginia will begin this spring.

Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries officials confirmed the news to RMEF, the project’s leading financial contributor with a pledge of $300,000. RMEF leaders say they will now step up local fundraising efforts to ensure the project, once started, continues to move forward and remains on schedule.

RMEF has received numerous donations for the project, including several large gifts from Virginia donors. Still, about half of the pledged amount needs to be raised.

To read the entire story check it out here:

I’m definitely looking forward to following along with the project and chasing them with the camera at first and maybe going shed hunting in a couple of years. This is a huge reason for all Virginia Sportsmen to be members of the RMEF!